Japan Dreamers MD FAQ

We will be ordering this merch online at the Japan ATEEZ shop, and our staff in Japan will be picking up the merch from the event venue. 

The event dates are the last few days of July. This merch, as well as the Dreamer album/pcs should arrive in Canada around the same time. Orders for photocards/albums only will be shipped first! These take much faster to ship and should be done within a few days. Once those are done, this merch will be shipped. It may take a few days up to a week, depending on the amount of orders we get.

There is only 1 item that has a Mingi option - the hand strap. Everything else is only the other 7 members and no Mingi.

SHIPPING: Shipping at checkout will remain $6/$7/$8 no matter what/how much you buy. We have included in the product cost itself, the additional costs we'll need to pay for bigger/heavier items.

We are aware that the prices look high, so we've decided to share a bit of our calculations and process so you understand the cost increase. We have included a couple of examples below.

We calculate cost of item + import taxes + shopify/stripe processing fees + extra individual shipping costs (on top of regular $6/$7/$8) + split costs for shipping from Japan to Korea. This gives us a basic idea of our main costs we need to add per item. 

Then we add about $4-5 per item. This is to cover all our other costs such as travel to/from the Japan venue to pick up the merch + payment for our staff (Japan staff getting the merch, Canadian staff packing the merch, help account staff..) + regular monthly overhead costs for our business as a whole (rent for storage/packing location, monthly shopify fees, etc.).

We know that the price jump from the base cost on the Japan site to the cost on our shop can be a shock for those not aware of all the costs involved, so we hoped our transparency has helped you understand how we do our calculations and decide on pricing, and gave you a better idea of what's involved.

We tend to prefer sticking with photocards since the calculations are much simpler and there are less costs involved, and the prices are obviously fair to everyone looking, but we know many people rely on us for ATEEZ merch, and we want to be able to offer it for those who want it. Merch does incur quite a lot of extra costs, especially when getting the merch from Japan. We hope this gives you a better understanding.

(We're very sorry with how much more expensive the member guaranteed items are. We've noticed that for Japan merch, we tend not to sell a lot for most members, and mainly only sell for 2-3 members. We spend a LOT of our money buying many items so we can have enough to cover orders for specific members. We also always have the risk of getting a lot of less-purchased members and being stuck with a lot of merchandise that won't sell and needing to refund people for highly sought members. In order to make sure we don't lose large amounts of money, we need to charge higher for member guaranteed. We hope you understand.)

*Full transparency: Please note that each 5,000 yen spend on the japan shop gets 1 lottery ticket for a video call and 1 photocard. Since the video call needs to attended in person at the venue in Japan, all the lottery tickets will be given to our staff in Japan. We will be selling the photocards later on once we have them on hand. They are NOT included in your order for merch. We rely on special items such as these for the occasional boost to our shop and to help sustain us through losses that we occasionally have. It allows us to keep going and keep working on ways to be better. Thank you for your understanding.